Not Very Effective: Hitting Veteran

When we last left off I had a team set for my climb to Veteran. I had Roserade in the front with Gallade on the switch, Magnezone in the back. After running into one too many Dragonite leads I flipped my lead and close and was ready to make my run. And then I droppedContinue reading “Not Very Effective: Hitting Veteran”

Not Very Effective: Time for Premier Cup

It’s been a hot minute since I updated the world on my trials in PokemonGo Battle League. Participating in Open Ultra League was interesting. After settling into Gengar-Gyarados-Lapras, I had a fairly steady climb. After my last post where my ELO stood at 2248, here is how things went leading up to the switch toContinue reading “Not Very Effective: Time for Premier Cup”

August 7-8 Pauper Weekend in Review

We have entered the second four week chunk of the Dungeons & Dragons: Adventures in the Forgotten Realms season. This is normally a time to take stock and see where the format is trending. The August 7 and August 8 Challenges gave us an insight into which way the wind is blowing. Spoiler alert: NotContinue reading “August 7-8 Pauper Weekend in Review”

July 31-August 1 Pauper Weekend in Review

Let’s get on with it. After the July 31 and August 1 Pauper Challenge, the first four weeks of Dungeons & Dragons: Adventures in the Forgotten Realms season looks like this: It’s hard to separate this chart from the problems currently facing the format. Storm, Dimir, and Affinity represent a nigh-unassailable Big 3. Storm hasContinue reading “July 31-August 1 Pauper Weekend in Review”

What You Shouldn’t Do in GBL

If you’re the kind of person to go looking for Go Battle League advice on the internet, there’s going to be a few people who tell you to stick with a team. It’s a logical conclusion as good team comps should have play against a wide swath of the metagame. You’re also likely to findContinue reading “What You Shouldn’t Do in GBL”

The Search for a Shorter Title: GBL Open Ultra Day 2

Technically today was a success in that I gained ELO – up from 2193 to 2205. Such a small gain tells its own story. Let’s start with my first set where I ran the same squad as yesterday. Note: I won’t list every battle, instead only focusing on those that proved interesting. I went 1-4Continue reading “The Search for a Shorter Title: GBL Open Ultra Day 2”

Holding Myself Accountable in GO Battle League: Open Ultra Day 1

So this is something new for me – writing about Pokemon GO Battle League. I’m not going to go into too many details of the mechanics of battle in this piece (for my more Magic focused readers, I’m happy to answer questions and I’ll write something in this space soon), but instead I’m going toContinue reading “Holding Myself Accountable in GO Battle League: Open Ultra Day 1”

July 24-26 Pauper Weekend in Review

Another Monday and no changes to the banned list. I’m tired folks. After three weeks of Dungeons & Dragons: Adventures in the Forgotten Realms season here’s every deck with at least 2% of the Top 32 volume: Affinity and Storm each hold 35% of all Top 8 slots this season and 5/6 wins between them.Continue reading “July 24-26 Pauper Weekend in Review”

July 17-18 Pauper Weekend in Review

I do not want to spend many words on the July 17 and July 18 Pauper Challenges. It isn’t that the results aren’t worth discussing but rather that all that can be said about the current metagame has been said multiple times: Affinity and Storm are miles better than almost everything else in the ChallengesContinue reading “July 17-18 Pauper Weekend in Review”