Svogthir’s Study: Sisters of Stone Death

Hello and welcome to Svogthir’s Study: a place to appreciate Golgari in Commander. It’s been a month since my last entry into Svogthir’s Study and it’s not for lack of desire. When I started this project I was furloughed and figured I would make use of the hours in the day. Well, my furlough endedContinue reading “Svogthir’s Study: Sisters of Stone Death”

Svogthir’s Study: Savra, Queen of the Golgari

Hello and welcome to Svogthir’s Study: a place to appreciate Golgari in Commander. When I saw which Commander was up next in my own arbitrary order I felt a pit of dread rise in my gut. It wasn’t that I was worried about writing about this card. Rather I was concerned with confronting my ownContinue reading “Svogthir’s Study: Savra, Queen of the Golgari”

Svogthir’s Study: Iname as One

Hello and welcome to Svogthir’s Study: a place to appreciate Golgari in Commander. I struggled to sit down and write this one. Bodes well for the second article in a series, right? The truth of the matter is this: Iname as One is not a good Commander. I’m not saying you can’t run it orContinue reading “Svogthir’s Study: Iname as One”

Svogthir’s Study: Vhati il-Dal

Hello and welcome to Svogthir’s Study: a place to appreciate Golgari in Commander. I’m a dinosaur when it comes to Magic. Many elements of the game that feel intrinsic and vital today were, at one point, novel. I don’t think there’s a better example of this than multicolored (gold) cards, especially those that feature enemyContinue reading “Svogthir’s Study: Vhati il-Dal”

Svogthir’s Study: An Introduction

My name is Alex Ullman and I’m a Golgari player in Commander. Over the course of my time playing Commander I have almost never not had access to at least one Golgari deck and usually have two at any given time, and that’s me demonstrating restraint. I love what black and green bring to CommanderContinue reading “Svogthir’s Study: An Introduction”

Center Stage: Sire of Stagnation

You thought I was going to talk about a common today? Think again! I hate this card in Commander. I have trouble articulating why when this hits the table I seethe, but I have less of a problem with the extremely similar Consecrated Sphinx. I think a not so small part of it is thatContinue reading “Center Stage: Sire of Stagnation”

What is Commander?

I love Commander. Before the Covid-19 pandemic it was my preferred way to play Magic in paper. The last social event I did before the shutdown was attend a Commander night at a friend’s place. At one point I had 20 Commander decks in a fully constructed and ready to play state. And if there’sContinue reading “What is Commander?”

Whisper, Blood Liturgist

I have an Aristocrats problem in Commander. At one point I had nearly 20 decks built and a third of them had a pretty significant Aristocrats element. While there are many ways to play Aristocrats – shorthand for sacrifice for value – mine all fooled around in similar space. As a result I was neverContinue reading “Whisper, Blood Liturgist”

Quarantine Commander: Hallar, the Firefletcher

This post is a little late going up so my apologies for that. Last Wednesday I played a Hallar, the Firefletcher on Kendra’s Commander night. If you’re interested, here’s the current list for the deck. I had wanted to play a deck based around The Ozolith but wanted to avoid my same old Golgari ways.Continue reading “Quarantine Commander: Hallar, the Firefletcher”

Quarantine Commander: Grismold, the Dreadsower

Sometimes you don’t want to think. Usually for Kendra’s stream I try to come up with a new brew. This week, however, I wanted to play one of my paper decks. So I went to one with a backstory. For quite some time now, I’ve worked with Mike (Omniczech/Big Mike) on building decks for someContinue reading “Quarantine Commander: Grismold, the Dreadsower”