September 24-25 Pauper Weekend Recap

This past weekend was the first set of challenges since the Initiative was taken down a notch. The resulting metagame has some familiar features but is hardly the same old Pauper. As anticipated, Affinity came out in numbers but was it a force to be reckoned with? Affinity was almost certainly the best deck onContinue reading “September 24-25 Pauper Weekend Recap”

September 17-18 Pauper Weekend Recap

Okay to get things out of the way, the Dominaria United season as we knew it is over thanks to a few bans. If you want the full run down, please check out this highly detailed video from Gavin Verhey (and the other members of the Pauper Format Panel [of which I am a member]).Continue reading “September 17-18 Pauper Weekend Recap”

The First Two Weeks of Dominaria United

But let’s be real – this is all about the Initiative. Dominaria United and Initiative came to Magic Online at almost the exact same time and since then there have been four Challenges, with the Initiative taking down two of them. Given that these cards are still somewhat scarce on MTGO I do not wantContinue reading “The First Two Weeks of Dominaria United”

August 27-28 Pauper Weekend Recap

Last week I went into some detail on some of the stories of Double Masters 2022 Season. The final weekend challenges of the season were won by established decks Gate Blade and Red Blitz but Grixis Affinity, and more importantly the Affinity shell, put up good numbers. There are a lot of interesting threads wovenContinue reading “August 27-28 Pauper Weekend Recap”

August 13-14 Pauper Weekend Recap

Dominaria United previews are about to get underway but for now Pauper is still living in the world of Double Masters 2022. The August 13 and August 14 Challenges, as well as the Showcase Qualifier, were dominated by Affinity. For much of the past year this has been a common refrain and critique of Pauper:Continue reading “August 13-14 Pauper Weekend Recap”

July 30-31 Pauper Weekend Recap

Pauper has turned a proverbial page and we are now in the second four week stretch of Double Masters 2022 Season. The first month ended with Faeries, Boros, and Monastery Swiftspear at the top of the metagame with Affinity remaining a major contender. Last weekend saw a Challenge on Saturday and Sunday in addition toContinue reading “July 30-31 Pauper Weekend Recap”

July 23-24 Pauper Weekend Recap

After July 23 and July 24, Pauper has a full month with the Double Masters 2022 downshifts available and several weeks of some Battle for Baldur’s Gate cards distributed on Magic Online. The resulting format is somehow entirely expected and full of surprises. Let’s start by talking about the elephant in the room – MonasteryContinue reading “July 23-24 Pauper Weekend Recap”

July 16-17 Pauper Weekend Recap

The July 16 and July 17 Pauper Challenges continue to story of Double Masters 2022 and Battle for Baldurs Gate. Monastery Swiftspear is currently defining the format even if the decks it houses are not tearing up the metagame. Monastery Swiftspear powered red decks are far and away the most popular discrete archetype. However, whenContinue reading “July 16-17 Pauper Weekend Recap”

July 9-10 Pauper Weekend Recap

A little push goes a long way, so I want to start by thanking Brian Coval and Phil Gallagher for stumping for me over the weekend. When two people you respect a great deal – as Magic players and as people – give you a shout out, it helps to rekindle a fire. For theContinue reading “July 9-10 Pauper Weekend Recap”

June 18-19 Pauper Weekend in Review

Normally I examine Pauper through the lens of different releases. In my mind it makes sense that, even if a new set does not completely change the format it does provide a new pool of cards. Given the slow and piecemeal roll out of Battle for Baldur’s Gate on Magic Online, and the rapidly approachingContinue reading “June 18-19 Pauper Weekend in Review”