The September 8th Pauper Bans

Where do we go from here? In case you missed it, Chatterstorm and Sojourner’s Companion have been banned in Pauper. You can read my collected thoughts on the bans in this thread but that’s not why we are here today. Instead I want to look ahead and get a jump start on what the metagameContinue reading “The September 8th Pauper Bans”

Not Very Effective: The Pidgeot-Steelix Core for Great League Remix

For the past 23 sets I have run one team in the Great League Remix. I ran my record with this team to 69-46 and only have three negative sets (0-5, 1-4, 2-3). I’m currently sitting at Ace with an ELO of 2136. The team is similar to the one I wrote about here butContinue reading “Not Very Effective: The Pidgeot-Steelix Core for Great League Remix”

Not Very Effective: Remixing the Remix Cup

Season 9 is underway and with it I am renewing my goal of finishing in the Veteran Rank, above a 2500 ELO. While I started this season battling in the Great League it only took one day for me to switch to the Great League Remix. The first team I ran through the wringer wasContinue reading “Not Very Effective: Remixing the Remix Cup”

August 28-29 Pauper Weekend in Review

Let’s cut right to the chase. The current format has been dominated by Affinity, Dimir, and Storm since Modern Horizons 2 came out. Since that set was released there have been 26 Challenges, which means 208 Top slots and 832 Top 32 finishes. Looking at just these big three – Affinity, Dimir Faeries, and SquirrelContinue reading “August 28-29 Pauper Weekend in Review”

Not Very Effective: Missing the Mark

I did not hit my stated goal in Season 8 of GO Battle League. I wanted to not only hit Veteran (which I did), but I wanted to end the season at above 2500 ELO. After finishing my battles today I’m ending at 2248. Not only did I fall short of my target, but IContinue reading “Not Very Effective: Missing the Mark”

Not Very Effective: A Fearless GBL Inventory

After climbing to about 2614 in Ultra League Premier Cup I hit a wall that I put up myself. After years I finally had access to a decent PVP IV Heracross and wanted to put it to use, and so I spent the final few days of the Premier Cup trying out team comps onlyContinue reading “Not Very Effective: A Fearless GBL Inventory”

August 21-22 Pauper Weekend in Review

There is not a ton to say at this point. After three weekends in the second block of Forgotten Realms season, only 8 archetypes clear the 2% threshold for Top 32 volume. I’m trying to think of other things to say – of other ways to talk about this format. But words are failing me.Continue reading “August 21-22 Pauper Weekend in Review”

August 14-15 Pauper Weekend in Review

We are in the second four week chunk of Adventures in the Forgotten Realms season. After the Saturday and Sunday Challenges here is what the winner’s metagame looks like over the past four events (minimum 3 Top 32 appearances): I am not going to spend a lot of time talking about the metagame as veryContinue reading “August 14-15 Pauper Weekend in Review”