Stories from Multani, Maro-Sorcerer

The Legends of Big Dingus As I was packing for MagicCon Philadelphia I left four of my Commander decks behind. One of these was a deck I had together for quite some time but had yet to play beyond playtesting – Multani, Maro-Sorcerer. I had the chance to play the deck for the first timeContinue reading “Stories from Multani, Maro-Sorcerer”

Svogthir’s Study: Iname as One

Hello and welcome to Svogthir’s Study: a place to appreciate Golgari in Commander. I struggled to sit down and write this one. Bodes well for the second article in a series, right? The truth of the matter is this: Iname as One is not a good Commander. I’m not saying you can’t run it orContinue reading “Svogthir’s Study: Iname as One”

What is Commander?

I love Commander. Before the Covid-19 pandemic it was my preferred way to play Magic in paper. The last social event I did before the shutdown was attend a Commander night at a friend’s place. At one point I had 20 Commander decks in a fully constructed and ready to play state. And if there’sContinue reading “What is Commander?”

Commander Corner: Hakim Lore Weaver

These days when I play paper Magic it tends to be Commander. It’s not that I don’t love draft or Pauper or whatever else you throw my way. It’s just that, given the realities of my existence – work, family, all of this I mean seriously if you’re not worried you’re not paying attention voteContinue reading “Commander Corner: Hakim Lore Weaver”