Rumbling Crescendo – Bryant Cook

When I was thinking about this series I knew I wanted to get Bryant in early. He and I share a love of the New York Mets but also have similar taste in some music. I was excited to see his responses and I hope you are as well. Tell us a little bit aboutContinue reading “Rumbling Crescendo – Bryant Cook”

Rumbling Crescendo – An Introduction

The people who play Magic aren’t just Magic players. One thing the kept me engaged with the game for so long are the stories that were told about competitors at major events. Magic is a game but it can be so much more. When I first started writing a blog, it took me forever toContinue reading “Rumbling Crescendo – An Introduction”

May 23-24 Pauper Weekend in Review

Historically, it’s really hard to keep Delver decks down. When mono-blue Delver rose to prominence, it did so in no small part thanks to the interaction of Cloud of Faeries and Spellstutter Sprite. Then came the era of Augur of Bolas and Gush; once Delver decks were at the top of the metagame. Today itContinue reading “May 23-24 Pauper Weekend in Review”

April 25-26 Weekend in Review

I was not optimistic about the potential impact of Ikoria: Lair of Behemoths in Pauper. After last weekend I was proven rather wrong as already 11 cards from the set have posted a Top 32 Challenge finish or gone 5-0 in the Pauper League. Considering the prevailing popular talking point about new sets is thatContinue reading “April 25-26 Weekend in Review”