Looking at Lists: Retriever Affinity

So maybe I got this one wrong. In the month since I wrote that article, Myr Retriever has done little in the way of Pauper results. It isn’t that players haven’t tried to make it work or that the combo is bad. Rather, the format is hostile to a dedicated combo deck that relies onContinue reading “Looking at Lists: Retriever Affinity”

Looking at Lists: Bone Picker Dimir

I want to talk a little bit about Delver of Secrets. Delver exerts a unique pressure on Pauper in that when left unanswered it can absolutely take over the game. When a turn one Delver flips it changes to entire texture of battle. Pauper in many ways is a format of Magic‘s fundamentals (taken toContinue reading “Looking at Lists: Bone Picker Dimir”

Looking at Lists: Turbo Fog

If you follow my writing you might find it ironic that, despite my hatred of all things Stonehorn Dignitary, I really love Turbo Fog strategies. I think it comes down to the fact that while both seek to disrupt the combat step, Turbo Fog has far more fail cases than Flicker Tron. This is probablyContinue reading “Looking at Lists: Turbo Fog”

Looking at Lists: Azorius Metalcraft

Deluxeicoff is a long time Pauper player and deck brewer. This past weekend they put up a Top 8 and followed it up with a 5-0 league run with one of their builds. Let’s take a gander: There’s a lot going on in this list, all in the service for resolving 3/3s. This deck runsContinue reading “Looking at Lists: Azorius Metalcraft”

Look at Lists: Dimir Flicker

Pairing Archaeomancer and Ghostly Flicker in a Dismal Backwater deck is nothing new. One of the first decks to attempt to leverage the combo in a meaningful way did so with Chittering Rats, attempting to lock an opponent out of the draw step. USPDudes did something slightly different with their take on Dimir Flicker fromContinue reading “Look at Lists: Dimir Flicker”

Looking at Lists: Gruul Madness and Mutant Zombies

We’re barely a month into this and I’m already breaking my rules. I can’t help it; there were two incredibly sweet decklists that went 5-0 in the Pauper League this week. Let’s get right to them. I have a soft spot for Zombies as a deck While I’m not a huge fan of the aggressiveContinue reading “Looking at Lists: Gruul Madness and Mutant Zombies”