October 29-30 Pauper Weekend Recap

Biggest Winner: CawGate Biggest Surprise: Grixis Affinity What I’d Play Next Week: CawGate Win +: Measures all wins better than X-3 in Swiss (X-2 is 1, X-1 is 2, etc). Measures a deck’s relative strength against the field in that event K-Wins: Measures all wins less all losses, Top 8 inclusive. Measures a deck’s strengthContinue reading “October 29-30 Pauper Weekend Recap”

Will Powerstones Break Pauper?

Today on ChannelFireball, I talk about Powerstones and their potential impact on Pauper. Check it out here! Looking to buy any of the decks or cards talked about today? Click here for my TCGPlayer affiliate link. Any purchases through the link let the folks there know you like my content! I want to take aContinue reading “Will Powerstones Break Pauper?”