Center Stage: Cleansing Wildfire

Before I go any further I want to give you a heads up: here there be spoilers for Zendikar Rising. If you don’t want to learn any cards in the set ahead of time, just click out of this page and you’ll be none the wiser. Is the coast clear? Good. It’s not a secretContinue reading “Center Stage: Cleansing Wildfire”

Center Stage: Sire of Stagnation

You thought I was going to talk about a common today? Think again! I hate this card in Commander. I have trouble articulating why when this hits the table I seethe, but I have less of a problem with the extremely similar Consecrated Sphinx. I think a not so small part of it is thatContinue reading “Center Stage: Sire of Stagnation”

Center Stage: Ixalli’s Diviner

I’m going to let you in on a secret: as a content creator, I love and loathe spoiler season. I love it because who doesn’t love new cards? Who doesn’t enjoy trying to figure out where the new pieces fit or what entirely new puzzles have been crafted? And yes, as a content creator, I’mContinue reading “Center Stage: Ixalli’s Diviner”

Center Stage: Pollenbright Druid

How much is a card worth? It all depends on how you’re trying to win the game. Pollenbright Druid begs the question: can this 1/1 be worth more than a card? A 1/1 Elf is sometimes a card, but this suite of abilities doesn’t lend Pollenbright Druid to Elves. A 2/2 is sometimes a card,Continue reading “Center Stage: Pollenbright Druid”

Center Stage: Tin-Street Hooligan

I want to start exploring cards that have potential (or are just neat) but have yet to find a good home in Pauper. Today I want to talk about Tin-Street Hooligan. When I first started playing Pauper (back when it was a player run format 15 years ago), Tin-Street Hooligan was an incredibly important cardContinue reading “Center Stage: Tin-Street Hooligan”