Not Very Effective: Hitting Veteran

When we last left off I had a team set for my climb to Veteran. I had Roserade in the front with Gallade on the switch, Magnezone in the back. After running into one too many Dragonite leads I flipped my lead and close and was ready to make my run. And then I droppedContinue reading “Not Very Effective: Hitting Veteran”

The Search for a Shorter Title: GBL Open Ultra Day 2

Technically today was a success in that I gained ELO – up from 2193 to 2205. Such a small gain tells its own story. Let’s start with my first set where I ran the same squad as yesterday. Note: I won’t list every battle, instead only focusing on those that proved interesting. I went 1-4Continue reading “The Search for a Shorter Title: GBL Open Ultra Day 2”