April 3-4 Pauper Weekend in Review

Sometimes these updates write themselves. It helps when there’s a 9 round Super Qualifier to bolster the results. Add to that a six round Saturday Challenge and a seven round Sunday Challenge and you end up with a pretty good look at the top of the Pauper metagame. I normally divide each season into fourContinue reading “April 3-4 Pauper Weekend in Review”

Thoughts from the January 23 Super Qualifier

Commander Legends season is done and my post-Fall from Favor Power Rankings are available here. Rather than do a deep dive on the Super Qualifier, I am going to give some quick hits and snippets of my thoughts on the event. 1. The Pauper Meta vs The Actual Meta Every time there’s an event largerContinue reading “Thoughts from the January 23 Super Qualifier”