August 28-29 Pauper Weekend in Review

Let’s cut right to the chase. The current format has been dominated by Affinity, Dimir, and Storm since Modern Horizons 2 came out. Since that set was released there have been 26 Challenges, which means 208 Top slots and 832 Top 32 finishes. Looking at just these big three – Affinity, Dimir Faeries, and SquirrelContinue reading “August 28-29 Pauper Weekend in Review”

August 14-15 Pauper Weekend in Review

We are in the second four week chunk of Adventures in the Forgotten Realms season. After the Saturday and Sunday Challenges here is what the winner’s metagame looks like over the past four events (minimum 3 Top 32 appearances): I am not going to spend a lot of time talking about the metagame as veryContinue reading “August 14-15 Pauper Weekend in Review”

August 7-8 Pauper Weekend in Review

We have entered the second four week chunk of the Dungeons & Dragons: Adventures in the Forgotten Realms season. This is normally a time to take stock and see where the format is trending. The August 7 and August 8 Challenges gave us an insight into which way the wind is blowing. Spoiler alert: NotContinue reading “August 7-8 Pauper Weekend in Review”

July 31-August 1 Pauper Weekend in Review

Let’s get on with it. After the July 31 and August 1 Pauper Challenge, the first four weeks of Dungeons & Dragons: Adventures in the Forgotten Realms season looks like this: It’s hard to separate this chart from the problems currently facing the format. Storm, Dimir, and Affinity represent a nigh-unassailable Big 3. Storm hasContinue reading “July 31-August 1 Pauper Weekend in Review”

Transitioning from Modern Horizons 2 to Adventures in the Forgotten Realms

After a brief hiatus due to personal matters, my recaps are back. In a fashion. I don’t want to take too much time wrapping up the Modern Horizons 2 season as it was dominated by Affinity, Storm, and Dimir. Those three archetypes took down over 67% of the Top 32 finishes and over 75% ofContinue reading “Transitioning from Modern Horizons 2 to Adventures in the Forgotten Realms”

June 26-27 Pauper Weekend in Review

This post is coming almost a week late. I could say it was because my toddler’s day care was closed and I was chasing him around several playgrounds (which is true) or because I was preparing for a visit from my in-laws (also true). But that’s only part of the truth. Put simply, Pauper isContinue reading “June 26-27 Pauper Weekend in Review”

June 19-20 Pauper Weekend in Review

The first six weeks of the Modern Horizons 2 season shows just what happens when mistakes are repeated or somehow, made worse. Taking into account the June 19 and June 20 Challenges here is where the Top 32 metagame stands – minimum of 4 Top 32 appearances: Storm is a problematic mechanic in formats withContinue reading “June 19-20 Pauper Weekend in Review”

June 12-13 Pauper Weekend in Reivew

So we are two weeks into the Modern Horizons 2 season and things are…well, they certainly are something. To be blunt I don’t think the format is in a very good place right now (but my guess is you don’t need me to tell you that) but I want to take some time to diveContinue reading “June 12-13 Pauper Weekend in Reivew”

May 15-16 Pauper Weekend in Review

We are now second four weeks of Strixhaven season. The May 15 and May 16 Pauper Challenges showcased a continuation of trends seen in the first four weeks. Spellstutter Sprite decks performed extremely well this past weekend, taking down 5 Top 8 slots overall. The other top decks from the first month – Burn, GrixisContinue reading “May 15-16 Pauper Weekend in Review”

May 8-9 Pauper Weekend in Review

Strixhaven Midyear Break We are four weeks into Strixhaven season and thanks to the May 8 and May 9 Pauper Challenges we have the results of eight different events. To that end I want to do a slightly deeper dive on the winner’s metagame. But before we get to that, here’s a TL; DR quickContinue reading “May 8-9 Pauper Weekend in Review”