August 8-9 Pauper Weekend In Review

It’s good to be back! While the weekend of August 2 and 3 have seemingly been lost to gremlins in the code, we have our first look at the impact of Double Masters and the downshifts it brings – Abrade and Cast Down being chief amongst them. Before diving into the “start” of this season,Continue reading “August 8-9 Pauper Weekend In Review”

Center Stage: Ixalli’s Diviner

I’m going to let you in on a secret: as a content creator, I love and loathe spoiler season. I love it because who doesn’t love new cards? Who doesn’t enjoy trying to figure out where the new pieces fit or what entirely new puzzles have been crafted? And yes, as a content creator, I’mContinue reading “Center Stage: Ixalli’s Diviner”

Look at Lists: Dimir Flicker

Pairing Archaeomancer and Ghostly Flicker in a Dismal Backwater deck is nothing new. One of the first decks to attempt to leverage the combo in a meaningful way did so with Chittering Rats, attempting to lock an opponent out of the draw step. USPDudes did something slightly different with their take on Dimir Flicker fromContinue reading “Look at Lists: Dimir Flicker”

Looking at Lists: Gruul Madness and Mutant Zombies

We’re barely a month into this and I’m already breaking my rules. I can’t help it; there were two incredibly sweet decklists that went 5-0 in the Pauper League this week. Let’s get right to them. I have a soft spot for Zombies as a deck While I’m not a huge fan of the aggressiveContinue reading “Looking at Lists: Gruul Madness and Mutant Zombies”

July 25-26 Pauper Weekend in Review

Another weekend, another two Challenges. The metagame continues to take shape in the wake of the Expedition Map and Mystic Sanctuary bans. A significant portion of the community believes that these bans did noting to hinder Tron and in some ways, made the deck better. We are only four Challenges deep, so let’s take aContinue reading “July 25-26 Pauper Weekend in Review”

Center Stage: Pollenbright Druid

How much is a card worth? It all depends on how you’re trying to win the game. Pollenbright Druid begs the question: can this 1/1 be worth more than a card? A 1/1 Elf is sometimes a card, but this suite of abilities doesn’t lend Pollenbright Druid to Elves. A 2/2 is sometimes a card,Continue reading “Center Stage: Pollenbright Druid”

Looking at Lists: Izzet Wizardry

Two players I respect a great deal – Brian Coval and Luis Scott-Vargas – have referred to Goblin Wizardry as the Pauper Monastery Mentor. It makes some sense as Wizardry puts two potentially massive threats on to the board at instant speed. Wizardry also has synergies with broken blue cards and Pauper is jam-packed withContinue reading “Looking at Lists: Izzet Wizardry”