April 16-17 Pauper Weekend Recap

We are in the home stretch of Neon Dynasty season. There’s one more weekend of events before Streets of New Capenna his Magic Online. While the next set looks to be of a lower power level it still has within it the capacity to impact the metagame. But that’s looking to the future and thisContinue reading “April 16-17 Pauper Weekend Recap”

April 9-10 Pauper Weekend Recap

The April 9 and April 10 Pauper Challenges start us on our second four week tour of the format in the wake of the latest round of bans. The Top 8s from these events were fairly diverse, with 12 different archetypes making it to the single elimination rounds – Grixis Affinity and Dimir Faeries eachContinue reading “April 9-10 Pauper Weekend Recap”

April 2-3 Pauper Weekend Recap

Four weekends have passed since the last round of bans. There have been countless words written about the state of Pauper so today I want to take a slightly different approach. The chart I am presenting today takes into account the eight challenges and one qualifier that have taken place on Magic Online since theContinue reading “April 2-3 Pauper Weekend Recap”

Pauper’s Problem with Material

If you think I’m going to link that song, you’d be sorely mistaken. Instead I want to take some time to talk about the dearth of good removal in Pauper. Do I have your attention yet? Pauper is home to some fantastic creature removal – Skred, Lightning Bolt, Cast Down, Chainer’s Edict, Snuff Out, SavageContinue reading “Pauper’s Problem with Material”

March 26-27 Pauper Weekend Recap

Sorry for the delay in this one folks – a busy week at work and a wedding anniversary takes precedence over my pontificating on Pauper. And the extra few days has given me some time to reflect on this Twitter post from Monday. While I believed the format to be in a good place atContinue reading “March 26-27 Pauper Weekend Recap”

March 19-20 Pauper Weekend in Review

Here’s a number: 70.83%. That’s the percentage of Top 8 decks from the Saturday and Sunday Challenges, as well as the Super Qualifier that store their card advantage on the board. These cards can be stored either in of Clue or Treasure Tokens, or in the form of Ichor Wellspring and Experimental Synthesizer. The natureContinue reading “March 19-20 Pauper Weekend in Review”