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  • March 18-19 Pauper Weekend Recap

    March 20, 2023 by

    Biggest Winner: Kuldotha Red Biggest Surprise: Faeries What I’d Play Next Week: Mardu Synthesizer Win +: Measures all wins better than X-3 in Swiss (X-2 is 1, X-1 is 2, etc). Measures a deck’s relative strength against the field in that event K-Wins: Measures all wins less all losses, Top 8 inclusive. Measures a deck’s… Read more

  • Stories from Multani, Maro-Sorcerer

    March 15, 2023 by

    The Legends of Big Dingus As I was packing for MagicCon Philadelphia I left four of my Commander decks behind. One of these was a deck I had together for quite some time but had yet to play beyond playtesting – Multani, Maro-Sorcerer. I had the chance to play the deck for the first time… Read more

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